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New Study Reveals Altered Ecosystem in a Smoker’s Mouth

Are you trying to quit smoking but have not been successful? Do you find it difficult to say no to that cancerous stick? Then we may have something interesting for you that may make you quit smoking. A new research … Continue reading

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Swedish Researchers Invented a Drug to make Dental Implants Heal Faster

If you are suffering from the trauma of missing teeth, chances are that your dentist will recommend the cosmetic dentistry alternative as dental implants. Dental implants have brought a revolution in the world of dentistry. They are a ray of … Continue reading

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Do you know Poor Dental Hygiene can cause Blood Clots?

When it comes to dental hygiene, most of us think that brushing teeth twice or thrice daily with a toothpaste made of abrasive agents, artificial sweeteners, humectants, glycerol and fluoride, is the end of the story. Over the last few … Continue reading

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