Easy steps to reduce teeth sensitivity after Teeth Whitening

As the eating habits are changing with time and people have made fast food a part of their staple diet, yellowing of teeth has emerged as a major problem. However, with the help of teeth whitening procedures, it has now become very easy to get shining white teeth back without any problem.

But did you know that by undergoing this procedure, there is a big possibility of the increase in the sensitivity of your teeth. However, in case you face this issue you can get rid of it by using these simple tips –

Reducing the time of treatment (wearing the tray for a shorter duration), for instance if you take two sessions of 60 minute, then you can cut it down to 30 minute sessions

Re-mineralize your dental structure by using high fluoride products, but only with the prescription of a dentist or a pharmacist
Use toothpaste that are made especially for sensitive teeth

Make use of medications that have high potassium content (it can help soothe the never endings that have become more sensitive)
Still, if you face the problem, then you must visit your dentist to get rid of the sensitivity.

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