Give your smile a complete makeover with teeth whitening in NYC

If you are not happy with the way the colour of your teeth is fading, then you need not worry. Cosmetic dentistry has brought an amazing procedure with which you can get back a sparkling smile.

The procedure, popularly known as Teeth Whitening, is a common reason for visit to a dentist in NYC. In technical terms the process is called ‘Dental Bleaching’.

According to FDA (Food and Drug Administration), whitening not only restores the natural colour of teeth, but at the same time bleach is helpful in obtaining a colour that is beyond the natural whiteness.

Various products are available in the market such as bleaching gels and strip as well other brushing products that have proven to be effective in whitening process. However, ADA (American Dental Association) has classified the whitening process into –

1. In-office bleaching – done by a professional cosmetic dentist
2. At-home bleaching – done by patients on their own
3. Over the counter – applied by patients over the counter
4. Non- dental – carried out at spas, salons & mall kiosks

The procedure makes use of ‘Carbamide Peroxide’, which on reacting with water forms H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). The oxidizing agents in peroxide are the ones that carry out the bleaching process. These oxidising agents penetrate within the porosities in the enamel of teeth and remove the stains by bleaching. The fact that Carbamide peroxide is 1/3rd in strength as compared to hydrogen peroxide, make it effective bleaching agent.

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