Did you know that dental implants are made of Titanium?

You might have heard about this revolutionary procedure of dental implants. For people who are suffering from dental loss, it has become a perfect tool.

But, did you know what the composition of dental implants is?

Well, a metal implant consists of a screw made in the shape of tooth by using titanium (Ti) metal. Although dentists prefer to use pure titanium for the implants, but this metal is available in many grades to use for this purpose. These grades are classified based on carbon composition in them.

Typically there are 4 grades available in the market, but recently an alloy of Ti and Va (Vanadium), has been formulated for use in dental implants. This alloy consists of 6% Ti and 4% Va in its composition, offers better tensile strength, and resistance against fractures.

Various techniques are used to modify these implants in order to make them last longer.

Some of these techniques include –
Plasma spraying
Poly-electrode coating

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