Gold filling-Best type of tooth filling material for your teeth!

In spite of various state-of-art procedures that have been invented in cosmetic dentistry field; not all dental restorations types help to endure for a long time. Filling of a corrective material like gold helps in reconstructing the composition and function of damaged teeth.

As teeth can get cracked or damaged due to several factors like cavity or external injury, therefore, there could be nothing better than opting for gold filling to restore its look.

Various advantageous factors are associated with it. To name a few are:

  • Gold is highly durable than other filling materials. Though it would be costly but it effects are long lasting.
  • It helps in giving an appealing look.
  • The best part of gold filling is that it does not damage opposing teeth while biting, and also get easily gelled up with other gums and inner tissues of tooth.
  • It can be endured for a longer time period.
  • Only requires two sittings for completion of the procedure.
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