Myth Associated With Mercury Tooth Fillings In Manhattan Revealed!

You must have heard about amalgam tooth fillings. Dental amalgam is a tooth filling material, made from a mixture of metals like silver, zinc, mercury (approximately 50% of the mixture) and copper, to fill the dental cavities caused due to dental decay.

Inexpensive alternative to other tooth fillings, mercury tooth fillings that is commonly performed by surgeons in Manhattan creates a strong and long-lasting bond with the tooth. But recently, a serious concern is revolving around the use of amalgam fillings. The fact behind this belief is the use of substantial amount of mercury in the filling mixture.

The belief says, amalgam fillings releases large amount of mercury during chewing. But mercury is present everywhere in the environment. The air we breathe, the food we eat all contains amounts of mercury.

There is no doubt that amalgam fillings leaks vapor of mercury, but the question is how much. It is estimated that amalgam fillings release 15 micrograms of mercury per day which is quite below the threshold levels, studied dangerous. Moreover, Food and Drug Administration has never been able to shown any worrying signs and hazardous effects on the use of this substance.

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