Debunking some common myths about teeth whitening in Manhattan

Everyone wishes to have a sparkling smile, but those who are suffering from pale yellow teeth do not need to worry as tooth whitening is the solution to it. However, there are certain myths associated with teeth whitening procedure, which we have debunked in this section. Take a look:

Myth 1- Some people think that the blue light used by dentists is actually a laser. The fact is that it is actually a metal halide ultraviolet light. Doctors that perform teeth whitening via this procedure use it in order to break down the layer of hydrogen peroxide. The purpose of doing so is to release the oxygen in air. The molecules of peroxide then help oxidize the compounds in the enamel of tooth into creating colorless by-product. It helps in giving a lightening impact on teeth.

Myth 2- It is a common belief that crest strips are less effective than professional whitening. Although both of them deliver almost equal results, yet there is some difference between the two. There are two benefits of getting professional teeth whitening in Manhattan. First, it helps ensuring whether you are right candidate for this procedure or not. The other one is that it takes lesser time. It takes almost 45 minutes while the crest strips can take weeks if done at home.

Myth 3- People often think of it as a painful procedure. It is not entirely true, but there is a little consideration to it. Gums become more prone to sensitivity due to hydrogen peroxide. When applied, it makes the teeth sensitive for almost a day, till the time saliva has re-mineralized the teeth.

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