Comprehensive info about root canal treatment

The procedure of root canal treatment in Manhattan begins with the doctor using a radiograph to examine the tooth. This follows by giving local anesthesia to perform the procedure. The dentists use a sheet of latex made from rubber to keep the tooth dry and clean and to isolate it during the treatment.

The doctor then creates an opening to reach the infected area to remove the inflamed pulp with a filing instrument. The dentist then cleans and shapes each root canal. He may also put some anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory medicines on the root to prevent infection and inflammation. In case of formation of severe abscess, doctors may use antibiotics to treat the infection.

The doctors then give the patients a temporary filling in order to protect the tooth during multiple visits, which is a part of this procedure. Not every patient may experience pain and discomfort, and if experienced, does not last more than few days. The doctor will prescribe pain-killers in case of discomfort.

Both after and during the treatment, they make use of multiple radiographs to keep checking the length and shapes of root canals. In a few cases, doctors may have to remove the end root to treat abscess. The procedure for that is called apicectomy.

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