Give natural look to your smile with tooth colored fillings

White colored fillings have gained a lot of popularity. Made from acrylic and glass particles, these fillings match well with the color of the tooth and give it a natural look.

Different types of tooth fillings are available in Manhattan but white colored fillings are the preferred choice of a large number of people due to amazing benefits associated with them. Here is a list of benefits that you will get on choosing tooth colored fillings.

  1. These fillings act as the best option for restoring front tooth or the teeth that are visible during laughing or talking as these fillings match well the original color of the tooth and make your tooth look natural.
  2. This type of fillings provides additional support to the tooth structure.
  3. Not only these fillings are helpful in restoring tooth damaged with cavity but they are also very beneficial in repairing broken or chipped tooth.
  4. When compared with other fillings, the dentists need to remove a little part of the decayed tooth in case of filling tooth with white colored filling.
  5. These fillings give a natural look to your smile.
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